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Donaghmore Controlled Primary School, Dungannon


2017/2018 School Year

25th Oct 2017
KS2 pupils make patterns by block printing.
24th Oct 2017
Primary 3 and 4 are learning how to spell words containing 'ch' as part of their...
20th Oct 2017
P1/2 children are learning about measure. They had fun sizing clothes, deciding which...
19th Oct 2017
P1 pupils are identifying and counting numbers to 10 while P2 count to solve shape...
19th Oct 2017
Some Foundation Stage pupils were making robots while others programmed the Beebot...
14th Oct 2017
KS2 made a human compass to investigate turning.
13th Oct 2017
P1 and P2 children used Venn Diagrams to sort 2D shapes.
12th Oct 2017
P4 pupils enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt as part of their work on place value.
10th Oct 2017
P1 had to resist the temptation to eat the food they were sorting in school.
10th Oct 2017
P1 pupils are learning about the number 4. They were stamping pictures in sets of...