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Donaghmore Controlled Primary School, Dungannon

Board of Governors

Education Authority Representatives

Mrs J Henry                                                                                                           


Transferor Representatives 

Ms E Boyle                                                                                   

Mrs K Rainey (Chairperson) 

Mrs P Ferguson                                                             


Parent Representatives

Mrs A Hayes (Designated Governor for Child Protection)                                                                          

Mr G Watt                                                                      


Assistant Teachers’ Representative

Mrs J Parks                                                      


Principal/Secretary (Non-voting member)

Mrs L Watt

Governor Responsibilities

The Governors are ultimately responsible for the overall management of the school. They are required to meet for a minimum of three times each year but in practice meet more often than this.

Some of their duties include: -

  • The oversight of the curriculum
  • The control of the Budget
  • The provision of information to parents
  • The selection of staff
  • The maintenance of the premises (shared with the EA)
  • The Admissions’ Policy
  • Fostering links with the local community
  • The safety and welfare of the Pupils and Staff