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Donaghmore Controlled Primary School, Dungannon

Helping your child with Numeracy



11th May 2022
The P1/2 children are learning about money and are enjoying engaging in practical...
28th Apr 2022
Today we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the daily mile. Parents and younger siblings...
6th Apr 2022
P1/2 children have been learning about weight. Today they had to measure ingredients...
1st Mar 2022
3rd Feb 2022
P2 went on a shape hunt around the school to see how many 3D shapes they could find....
18th Jan 2022
The P2 use Numicon to investigate number bonds of 10.
4th Nov 2021
P3/4 pupils enjoyed completing some numeracy work in the fresh air. 
20th Oct 2021
The daily mile seems to be the highlight of the school day for many of the P5/6/7...
15th Oct 2021
The P1/2 children are exploring measure and today put leaves in order according to...
1st Oct 2021
The P1/2 class did lots of sorting as part of their numeracy work. 
10th Sep 2021
The P1 children were exploring circles and had some fun with circular Hula hoops. 
10th Jun 2021
Russian Giant sunflower seeds were included in Easter gifts given to each child along...